Liubov (Liuba) Tereshko was born in Russia. After finishing high school in 2001 she entered the Moscow State University of Service, the Department of Design, Fine Art and Crafts where she majored in Interior Design and Decoration. In 2007 Liuba graduated cum laude and received an official invitation to pursue a doctorate degree. The prospects of doing research work did not resonate with the young specialist due to her propensity for practical activity which she started while in the university by taking part in numerous exhibitions and working as a part-time designer. For that reason, she decided to continue her career as an interior designer and an artist.

In just several years she succeeded in achieving significant and diverse results in development of authentic projects of interior designs of apartments and homes, as well as creating of a series of independent artistic compositions, including batiks, murals, plaster reliefs, decorative design of walls and ceilings, decorative panels, stained-glass windows, drawing on glass, mirror, and other interior surfaces. For two years Liuba Tereshko worked at the professional architecture company “Three A Design” as a designer and architecture assistant and took part in the development and bringing into life of a series of projects.

During her professional activity, Liuba Tereshko constantly extended/pushed the range of her own creative interests. As was previously mentioned, during her university years, L.T. became involved in art, as a result of which she created a variety of graphic sheets, paintings, decorative panels, batiks, book and digital illustrations, and other artwork. She is still enthusiastic about all these manifestations of art to this date. Later, having developed a passion and skills for web design, Liuba created a series of original websites. At the same time she became engaged in the art of teaching (drawing, painting, and drafting). Of the utmost importance to her is teaching young students of pre-school and school ages; the art form that requires a special skill set and special techniques. As a result, she developed her own unique program of artistic education in drawing and art for children of school age, as well as a special program for adult master classes

At the time of her active artistic work, which began during academia, Liuba took part in various exhibitions, namely those conducted by the Union of Artists of Russia, in the exhibition organized in the framework of the Festival of Japanese culture in Russia “Animatsuri”, as well as many others. In 2008 she joined Rafael Akopov and Nikolay Tereshenko as a co-author at exhibition named “Square sphere”, which was organized by Union of Artists of Russia.

In 2010, based on aggregate of her artwork, L.T. became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia (Member of International Association of art AIAP UNESCO),

After moving to the USA in 2011, Liuba continued pedagogical activity (drawing lessons) as an art teacher and instructor at the Center of Education and Arts “Sunville Academy” , where she taught painting and drawing lessons and provided creative master-classes for adults. She also worked as a private art tutor. Now, after taking a break from her teaching  career, she continued working as a freelance illustrator and web designer. In addition to that she works as a visual artist in several business projects and participate in various creative initiatives.


A list of main exhibitions where Liuba Tereshko displayed her artwork:

  • 2005. Exhibition of student artwork in the Bulgarian Culture Center.
  • 2006. Japanese Culture Festival Animatsuri’06. Won third place in the nomination “Japan in Drawing”.
  • 2006. Exhibition-competition organized by MGUS. Won 1st place in the genre “Design”, nomination “Art Gallery”.
  • 2006. The Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia (the Department of Moscow) “Love and Family”.
  • 2008. The Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia (the Department of Moscow) “Youth – XXVIII”.
  • 2008. The exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia (the Department of Moscow) “New Eclecticism”.
  • 2008. The exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia (the Department of Moscow) “Square Sphere”.
  • 2008. The exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia (the Department of Moscow) “Mirror of Soul"
  • 2009. The exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia “Moscow and Moscovites”
  • 2009. Russian Art Week, International Exhibition and Competition of Contemporary Arts.
  • 2010. Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Moscow “Youth"